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Nathan Zimmerman, AWMA

Nathan Zimmerman, AWMA

Nathan, a Fishers resident, is the founding member of IWA. Nathan believes that a comprehensive financial plan is the bedrock of future financial success.  He will work with you to implement a custom-tailored investment strategy based on your unique goals and risk tolerance.  

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Paul McIntosh

Paul McIntosh

Paul, a Brownsburg resident, is an experienced financial advisor who believes every client should take the time to identify and prioritize their goals through the financial planning process before any big investment decisions are made.  Paul can work with you to clarify your objectives and put you on a path towards success.  

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Samantha Bush, CFP®

Samantha Bush, CFP®

Samantha, a Greenwood resident, is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professional who specializes in working with families to prioritize and pursue their most important financial goals through a unique and comprehensive financial planning process.  

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Matthew Bose, CRPC

Matthew Bose, CRPC

Matt, a Fishers resident, has been helping clients pursue their financial goals for more than 17 years.  Matt is an analyst at heart and works with his clients to build efficient investment portfolios designed to help guide them toward their most important financial objectives.  

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Unsure how much you'll need to save to retire?

Have questions about how your money should be invested?

Want help to ensure your family would be protected if something happened to you? 

That's What We Do

Our Process


We begin with a thorough discussion to understand your unique circumstances and prioritize your goals. By clarifying where you are today and where you want to be in the future, we can start to build a comprehensive plan to help you reach your goals.  

Estimate Your Retirement Number


We'll build and implement a saving and investment strategy based on your cash flow, risk tolerance, time horizon, and the goals we identified through the planning process.  We'll check in regularly to monitor your progress and make necessary adjustments to your plan.  

Get Your Free Portfolio Risk Analysis


We'll discuss insurance strategies we can implement to help ensure your family is protected in case of unforeseen events.  By identifying and addressing the risks to your plan, we'll help you prepare for various curveballs the future may hold.  

Calculate Your Life Insurance Needs
Your WealthLink Dashboard

Your WealthLink Dashboard

Our custom wealth management website for clients, WealthLink is your personal portal providing a holistic view of your financial life in one secure location.  Here you can aggregate your investments, savings accounts and liabilities into a single dashboard.

It can help you establish budgets and maintain spending; determine and monitor your net worth; and allow you and I to establish, monitor and update your goals. In short, it’s a personal website that uses sophisticated technology to offer you a consolidated view of your financial life in one secure location.    

Monthly Video Market Updates

Monthly Video Market Updates

Each month we bring you up to speed with what's going on in the markets and what it may mean for investors.  We give timely advice on how to approach different market environments to avoid mistakes and stay on track for your investment goals.  Click below to see our most recent video, as well as get caught up on past updates!

Access to LPL Research

Access to LPL Research

Read weekly, monthly, and semi-annual market updates from our LPL Research team.

Helpful content

We offer a full library of resources to help boost your retirement planning and financial knowledge.

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Traditional vs. Roth IRA

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<p>Comparing Investments</p>

Comparing Investments

This calculator compares the net gain of a taxable investment versus a tax-favored one.
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<p>Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart</p>

Charitable Giving: Smart from the Heart

Do you have causes that you want to support with donations?
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